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We KNOW that the massive rise in behavioral, developmental, socialization and processing challenges is a huge call to action for our profession.



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June 18-19, 2021

CDA Resort



We KNOW that the massive rise in behavioral, developmental, socialization and processing challenges is a huge call to action for our profession.


We know that chiropractic has a major role in changing the trajectory of these challenges and we NEED step up to help improve the lives of these kids and families in our communities.


We are lacking in understanding of brain development beyond the basics of what we learn in school! We aren’t confident in our ability to tie the trajectory of brain development into the specific behaviors we are seeing from the kids walking into our offices. AND we struggle to take what we are seeing and have certainty that chiropractic is a necessity in changing the trajectory.

“Having attended the FOCUS 2 virtual seminar was one of the most intellectually and clinically pleasing experiences I have had in many years. Being taught by someone who actually does the work, sees it daily and is able to communicate it is a huge treat. If your desire is to learn about brain development and how that manifests in patient behaviors and presentations while maintaining a pure chiropractic philosophy, FOCUS 2 is your new home. Don’t hesitate to jump in. It’s awesome.”

Dr. Jack Bourla, DC, ACP


You are telling your community that chiropractic can help! You are teaching workshops and telling parents that they need to get their kids checked.

On the inside, you are nervous because while you know that all people are better un-subluxated, you still lack confidence in understanding the behaviors/issues that are being presented and why or why not they exist and have the potential to change.

You are forced to “convince” parents that their child is better with chiropractic care or you lose them because you have now become another therapy in this child’s life that “doesn’t work”.

▶ You are too nervous to work with these kids because: you don’t feel confident assessing their specific needs, you don’t feel confident communicating to parents how chiropractic care can help their child, you don’t feel confident in your understanding of these specific issues or in your ability to contribute to changing their trajectory.

▶ You start looking in other directions to help these kids: nutrition, methylation, exercises, primitive reflex training (all are super important!) but it causes you to lose sight of chiropractic as the foundation. You lose your understanding and certainty in what we do and why it needs to be at the foundation of all other areas.

▶ You feel like you don’t know enough or you get confused on what you DO know. You get intimidated and feel like you don’t see results because you don’t know what to look for.

“Thank you Dr. Amy!!! Focus has been one of the biggest ah-ha moments for me in Chiropractic. It has helped me fill the gaps on a lot of things in the kiddos we see in our Family-centered practice. It has also helped me appreciate and understand more the power of the adjustment, where sometimes we were guilty of chasing other things like Primitive Reflex Integration, Nutrition or whatever, just because we want to help so much. Thanks again Dr. Amy! I am loving the brain-based chiropractic approach and the fun, hard-easy approach you delivered the material.”

Dr. Matt So

Working with this demographic can be challenging, overwhelming and down-right intimidating.

It is your obligation to your community to KNOW more!

“Through this program, I am able to change the lives of so many kids and adults and am easily becoming the most trusted advisor in my area in working with kids and adults with learning, behavioral and socialization challenges.”

Dr. Mandy Marziaz, DC


This training includes:

FOCUS™ Level 1 Training – Immediate Access to this Virtual Training

FOCUS™ Level 2 Training – This seminar is in-person only in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in Summer 2021 Date TBD

UNDERSTAND AND INTEGRATE: A simple way to integrate this in your practice!

MAKE PHILOSOPHICAL SHIFTS IN YOUR PRACTICE: How to make specific, practical changes in your office and your communication (Deficit Model to Expression of Life Model).

CASE HISTORY: How to take a case history through the lens of developmental brain hierarchies

HOW TO GIVE A COMMUNITY LECTURE: …that allows parents to understand without question how chiropractic applies to their children and their behavioral, learning and socialization challenges

HOW TO BE THE SAFE PLACE: How to be the safe place to land for these families and how to follow through with results

PARENT COMMUNICATION: How to communicate specifically with these parents who live in constant stress with a scarcity mindset

BRAIN DEVELOPMENT TOOLS: More about brain development and how to fill the gaps, practical tools to apply in your office right away, new assessment tools and clinical outcomes to track the results

TRUSTED ADVISOR: How to become the trusted advisor in your community for people who are looking for answers they haven’t heard before


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Level 2 Virtual Seminar

June 18-19, 2021 at CDA Resort (Virtual available)

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