As we begin to develop our central visual field (parvocellular) (ventral stream) at a few months old, it is critical to observe if a newborn is starting to attend to this system OR DEFLECT from it to create an unbalanced visual experience.

THIS is an early indicator of neurodevelopmental challenges.

YES. We can’t just wait for a problem to arise behaviorally at 3 or 5 years old!!! We must know what to look for and educate parents on why a balanced autonomic nervous system is essential to maintain and establish typical attention in the central and peripheral visual fields.

Other professions are talking about brain-based concepts; we need to know why and how chiropractic and what we have to offer needs to be at the foundation of typical and deflected development!

Read the article Visual Fixation in Newborns Predicts Childhood Cognitive Development”.

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