We didn’t want to ignore some very important things happening right now, and that’s school stress. This has been a hard time, and we can support our practice members by leading with brain development.

  1. Some points to share with your community:
    Brain-based back to school tip #16: Connection BEFORE correction! With all of these changes and challenges, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see some kids having challenges and maybe even acting out. During these moments, it’s essential to sit and connect until your child calms down. After you’ve had a chance to connect, you can discuss a more appropriate way to handle the situation in the future.
  2. Brain-based back to school tip #17: Create a predictable after-school plan. Even with all of these proactive steps, school is still bound to be at least a little stressful. Having a predictable after-school plan will help transition them better into the evening routine.

Feel free to share these tips with your practice members. You can find tips #1-15 on our Facebook page.