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Procedures That Work

Step one is making sure you have an office that is a safe place to land for not only the kids you are working with but also their parents! By implementing a few simple upgrades,...

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SNAKE Picture

Listen, I get it, sometimes parents of kids we work with can be HARD to deal with. Sometimes, it's easier to say, "well, if they would just decrease the screen time, then I am...

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Visual Fixation In Newborns

As we begin to develop our central visual field (parvocellular) (ventral stream) at a few months old, it is critical to observe if a newborn is starting to attend to this system...

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Create A Safer Place

What is ONE thing you will do this week to create a "safer place to land" for all parents (and kids) living in chronic stress right now!? ONE thing at a time! Here are a few...

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Exam On Floor

I performed an initial exam and functional brain-based assessment that looked nothing like your "typical" exam this morning. This 8-year-old is non-verbal but very communicative!...

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What Are Your Stressors?

Let's talk about stress! This is a universal tool everyone should have! What are YOUR stressors? Understanding this about yourself can help you navigate every relationship you...

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