Step one is making sure you have an office that is a safe place to land for not only the kids you are working with but also their parents! By implementing a few simple upgrades, you can make massive progress in creating a smooth environment for kids and adults living in chronic stress!

  1. Create prediction in your procedures. Make sure to send a video or picture message of what they can expect when they come to your office for the first time.
  2. Create a few choices for the kids at each potentially stressful step of being in your office. For example: Do you want to be adjusted in room A or B today?
  3. Allow for one space with lower sensory demand where a family or child can wait, or allow them to wait in their car to lower sensory and processing demand before their adjustment.
  4. Learn to be flexible in your assessment when needed! It’s ok if you have to modify your procedure at times. You may need to check a child seated instead of prone or in the waiting room instead of in the adjusting room!