Listen, I get it, sometimes parents of kids we work with can be HARD to deal with.

Sometimes, it’s easier to say, “well, if they would just decrease the screen time, then I am sure everything I am doing would be more effective.” Or, “if they would follow the diet I recommended or never miss an adjustment, they would be living a different life right now.”

I get it,I do..

HOWEVER, this is why we are so adamant about teaching doctors to create a safe place to land for these families. We have to show them we see their children for more than their deficits. We also see the parents for more than their struggles. We work hard to create a safe place, communicate our message clearly and simply, and deliver clinical excellence that allows us to be the team leader and the most trusted advisor for these families that genuinely need help now more than ever.

In the end, remember, you may not know the reality of the challenges these parents are facing, and they have chosen you to be on their team to help their most loved and precious child.

Let’s keep that in mind as we bring hope and healing to our communities.