The two main questions we should be asking ourselves about every person in our practice (not just kids!) are:
1: What tools are they using to process their world
2: What does that tell us about where they are on this developmental trajectory?

An excellent first step to being really skillful at asking this question about members in your practice is to be able to ask (and answer!) this question about ourselves!

So my question for you all today is this:
What do YOU do when you’re stressed?
What behaviors or deflections are you engaging in?

Use this question to engage in some self-discovery for a little while. Then apply this to our own kids and families, and the kids in your practice!

We are HERE TO HELP YOU to be the most trusted advisor to families in your community! By offering the right tools, we can help all parents lead with brain-development in mind and help their kids (and themselves!) have a better expression of life!